Lady Harriet Jephson

Altheim_GermanyThe B——s, who to our envy have received special passes to go to Denmark, got as far as Hamburg and then had their passports taken from them. The Chaplain and his wife disappeared one morning, and we learn that he obtained a special pass on the ground of being a clergyman. He was heard to utter something about the “Bishop of London,” and perhaps that was the talisman. Lady M—— tells me that they have arrived in Hamburg, we wonder what their fate will be!

A delightful story has just reached me from an Italian source. In the church of a Convent Hospital in France, one of the sisters was praying aloud with immense fervour, and when she came to the “Confiteor” she said: “C’est ma faute! c’est ma faute! c’est ma très grande faute,” whereupon uprose a Turco crying out: “Ah! non! ma Soeur! c’est la faute à Guilleaume!”

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