Lady Harriet Jephson

Altheim, Germany

Altheim, Germany

The clouds are lifting, thank God! Cheering news has come that we are to be allowed to leave this delightful country in eight days’ time; most likely we shall have to travel either by way of Switzerland or Denmark. Those sagacious personages in Berlin seem to imagine that the secrets of the Rhine fortresses will reveal themselves to us as we go by! What a compliment to our powers of clairvoyance!

Fraulein G—— has just been in to see me. Usually she is a most pleasant, gentle little woman, kind and charming; now she is full of scorn and hatred of England. She says the Englishmen were arrested because they were heard to say that German papers were “full of lies.” “So they are,” said I, “and you can go now and get me arrested too.” “Oh, no,” said she, “I would not tell on you!” In spite of her magnanimity I cannot think our interview was a success. We argued until I said, “If we are to remain friends, we must not discuss the war. I cannot think England wrong, and as a loyal German you think Germany right. Don’t let us talk about it any more.”

The “Frankfurter Zeitung” declares that no workmen in England will fight for their country, only the “mercenaries” who are well paid to risk their lives. Oh, this life is hard to bear! Such intense, frightful hatred speaks in every look, in every action of our enemies. It is consoling to remember that their own Nietzsche says: “One does not hate as long as one dis-esteems, and only when one esteems an equal or superior.”

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