Lady Harriet Jephson

Altheim, Germany

Altheim, Germany

A terrible day! First of all Käthchen announced with complacency and obvious triumph, that there had been a great victory “ganz herrlich!” and that an English Cavalry Brigade had been cut to pieces at Lunéville, and that those who were not killed had “run away”! Of course I did not believe this, but it made one terribly anxious. Then in came Miss H—— saying that two men of our little colony had been arrested and taken to the police-station, whence after examination they were to be sent to Frankfurt. At the Polizei Amt the Officials exhibited the results of their Kultur by being rude and rough to the unfortunate people arrested. A Polish woman whose son had been made prisoner sobbed and cried, whereupon the grim old inspector came into the room and said sternly: “Kein Frauen Jammer hier!” ordering her out of the room. I was in the Park Strasse and heard some Germans chuckling and saying: “Zwei Engländer sind verhaftet” (two Englishmen are arrested), looked round, and saw two of our little community, both service men, following each other in Einspänners, each surrounded by soldiers and fixed bayonets. It was anything but a pleasing sight to me!

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