Lady Harriet Jephson

Altheim, Germany

Altheim, Germany

Another terrific blow! Fraulein S—— came into my room this morning and said: “Kein Engländer, kein Ausländer, kann Deutschland verlassen” (no Englishman, no foreigner can leave Germany). I rushed off immediately to the Polizei Amt and found it only too terribly true. Worse! Mr. W—— and Mr. S——, who tried to arrange for a steamer on the Rhine to take us away, have been arrested, and are being tried on a trumped-up charge of forgery, and the Company who were the go-betweens demand 3,000 marks because the boat came a certain distance down the river in order to embark us.

(Later) The Englishmen have been acquitted of forgery, but we fear we shall have to pay the £120. I have one mark left!

There is jubilation all over the town as the Germans have taken Belfort. Käthchen enters triumphantly. “Unter Führung des Kronprinzen von Bayern haben Truppen gestern in Schlachten zwischen Metz und den Vogesen noch einen Sieg erkämpft,”  (Under the leadership of Crown Prince of Bavaria troops have fought in battles between Metz and the Vosges and won a victory yesterday) and she goes on with the weary old story of “viele tausend Gefangene” (many thousand prisoners).

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