Lady Harriet Jephson

Altheim, Germany

Altheim, Germany

I sent a telegram off to Ems this morning, of course written in German, but the official behind the little window where I handed it in refused to send it until I showed him my passport. As I have not yet succeeded in getting through the crowds at the police station I still had mine. We hear dreadful tales of hardships endured by those who have managed to get away from other places. Some went by the Rhine steamers, which are now running, but wherever they passed a fortress they were made to go below. As the cabins were not enough for all, preference was given to other nationalities, and English people had to sit up all night on deck, even in pouring rain. The entire absence of news is for us quite terrible. One feels so out of the world, not knowing what is happening outside our prison doors. The “Frankfurter Zeitung” is full of nothing but boasts and untruths. A fresh “Bekanntmachung” has been posted up forbidding us to leave the town, and ordering us to be indoors by nine o’clock.

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