Lady Harriet Jephson

Altheim, Germany

Altheim, Germany

The “Frankfurter Zeitung” calls England “ehrlos” (dishonourable), and the Belgian frontier question “only an excuse,” and even kind, good Dr. G—— raged against England. One is sick with longing to hear how the war gets on from the English point of view. The papers here never allude to England’s movements—only to her moral delinquencies. I am so poverty-stricken now I wash my own pocket-handkerchiefs, guimpes, and blouses!

The American part of our community have quite recovered their spirits since money has come for them. The United States is making every effort to rescue her people, and get them back in safety to America. No one seems to concern themselves about us, and we can’t get away while mobilising is going on. All Germans show the greatest deference to Americans, and call them “our honoured guests.” We, of course, are the dishonoured ones, and in disgrace!

Altheim people so far are passably civil to us, but sometimes one has a disagreeable person to deal with, as I had to-day at the Bad Haus. The girl who stamps our tickets refused to pass mine until I could show her my Kur Karte. I had none, and told her so, and asked her why I should pay twenty marks for a card, when I could not get any of the privileges to which it entitled me: the band, terrace, reading-room, and so on. Her answer was a persistent dogged reiteration of “Sie müssen eine Kur Karte haben, sonst können Sie nicht baden,” (You must have a cure card, otherwise you can not bathe)  and not having twenty marks in the world at present I had to come away without my bath. Every day there are fresh appeals to the patriotism of the people. They are pasted on walls, windows, and even trees.

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