Eugáene Emmanuel Lemercier – Introduction

Lemercier - Contemplation

Lemercier – Contemplation

Lemercier was a French artist who documented his war experience in both letters and notebooks.  Most of his letters are addressed to his mother and grandmother having been raised by them after his father’s death. As an artist he was awarded a medal in 1910 for decorative composition.

He volunteered with the 106 Infantry regiment at Chalons sur Marne in 1905 and was called up for service upon the declaration of war.

These accounts were initially published anonymously though later attributed to Lemercier. In the introduction to the work writer André Chevrillon describes Lemercier as:

a youth who at thirteen years of age had left school for the studio, and who had taught himself, without help from any other, to translate the thought; that moved him into such words as the reader will judge of. Here are tenderness of heart, a fervent love of Nature, a mystical sense of her changing moods and of her eternal language : all those thing of which the Germans, professing themselves heirs of Goethe and of Beethoven, imagine they have the monopoly, but of which we Frenchmen have the true perception, and which move us in the words written by our young countryman for his most dearly beloved and for himself.

More information about the life of Lemercier can be found here. .

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