Introduction – Mildred Aldrich

Huiry, France

Huiry, France

In June 1914 American journalist Mildred Aldrich retired from her work as a foreign correspondent and moved to a quiet cottage in the village of Huiry, France.

Mildred Aldrich

Mildred Aldrich

Planning to live out the rest of her life on her house on the hill she wrote: “I did not decide to come away into a little corner in the country, in this land in which I was not born, without looking at the move from all angles. Be sure that I know what I am doing, and I have found the place where I can do it. Some time you will see the new home, I hope, and then you will understand. I have lived more than sixty years. I have lived a fairly active life, and it has been, with all its hardships—and they have been many—interesting. But I have had enough of the city—even of Paris, the most beautiful city in the world. Nothing can take any of that away from me. It is treasured up in my memory. I am even prepared to own that there was a sort of arrogance in my persistence in choosing for so many years the most seductive city in the world, and saying, “Let others live where they will—here I propose to stay.” 

In her career she worked as a journalist for Boston newspapers and produced one novel.

We start her account from the 2nd of August 1914.



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